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Thursday, 17 March 2011

The main thing 'About YBC' is our excellent reputation for SERVICE, RELIABILITY AND HONESTY

Posted by YBC Brokerage & Charters | Thursday, 17 March 2011 | Category: |

The main thing 'About YBC' is our excellent reputation for
 "Posted in the memory of the company founder Bob McKean, 
who passedaway at Telaga Harbour Park marina, Langkawi, 
on 08 September, 2010,by his brother Don.
  The company YBC grew from it's inception in 2008 to become 
one of the most successful marine brokerage businesses 
in South East Asia. It's global client concepts were based upon
the experience gained by Bob, and indeed by myself and other
family members, over thousands of miles of full time sailing on 
the high seas and along the coasts of many countries. It's business 
creed was to provide a service that whilst thoroughly professional
at all times was carried out with the understanding and personal 
attention to the needs of both buyers and sellers of marine craft. 
It had to be 'smooth sailing' for everybody. 
  This service to clients expanded to include the registration of vessels under
the Langkawi International Yacht Registry, as well as the insurance needs 
of all boat owners. It developed even further to become a 'one stop shop' for 
clients wanting the refurbishment of boats in order to maximise their sale 
potential as well as the pre-sale or post-sale delivery of the vessels to locations
of the owners choice.
  Paul Jackson, who was being mentored by Bob to eventually take over
the running of the company, is now continuing to provide those same 
services in his own right. He and his team bring the same 'on water' 
experience and understanding to the business, and embrace the same 
client concepts. I wish him and them well, as would Bob.
So, if you are a first time buyer, welcome to the world of cruising or racing sailing. 
There's still plenty of room for all out there to live their dream. If you have a boat 
for sale or are looking for a replacement boat, you too have come to the right place. 
Your best chance for success can be found within this website's galleries. 
Go to it and best wishes to all."
                                                                                                 Don McKean 


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