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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Langkawi International Yacht Registry: (LIYR)

Posted by YBC Brokerage & Charters | Thursday, 22 September 2011 | Category: | 0 comments

Malaysian Registration - all the facts and figures.               

Langkawi International Yacht Registry: (LIYR)

Anyone can register a yacht in Malaysia. You don't need to be a Malaysian citizen or resident here, and with duty free status in Langkawi there's no import duty, VAT or GST to pay.

We complete all Marine Department application forms, we need the following details from the applicant: 

  1. Copy of front page of applicant’s passport (only one individual may appear on new registration certificate, 64 shares)
  2. Name and address of the owner as must appear on new certificate
  3. Builder's Certificate (only if a new construction)
  4. Bill of Sale, with clearly stated buyer and seller names and signatures, the sum amount of transaction, certified true copy by public notary, commissioner for oaths (Malaysia) or YBC
  5. Copy of Certificate of Previous Registration (whether current or expired)
  6. Official certificate of deletion from previous registry
  7. Current name of vessel plus requested change of name, if any
  8. Colour photo of vessel. Hard or soft copy
  9. Previous official registered number
  10. Previous port of registry
  11. Country where vessel built
  12. Year built
  13. Name and address of builder
  14. Material of hull & deck
  15. Overall length of vessel
  16. Beam (If a catamaran, also the width of EACH HULL at the widest point)
  17. Draft
  18. Gross tonnage. (At least one tonnage figure or displacement is required)
  19. Net Tonnage
  20. Registered tonnage
  21. How many main engines, make, model and serial number
  22. HP of each engine
  23. Estimated speed of vessel
  24. Number of crew accommodated
  25. Number of passengers accommodated
  26. Present location of vessel
All of the above information can be emailed and scanned.
Documents can be attached and sent to YBC.
Applications will be accepted, ONLY when ALL items above are supplied.
Applications take approximately 3 to 6 weeks to be processed in Registry Department in Langkawi. Upon collection of the new registration certificate YBC pay a one time fee of MYR 1,140 plus MYR 380 first year’s tonnage dues. Annual tonnage dues must be paid promptly each year and YBC can also lodge these fees on your behalf at a cost of MYR 100 per year.

Charges for the above are MYR 800 for vessels below 25 metres and MYR 1500 for vessels above 25 metres. YBC look forward acting as your agent for your new Langkawi International Yacht Registry application.

   Call approved agent Paul Jackson +(6)017-4196933 for free advice and information,


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